Making the Cat Happy

Those that own cats should know that keeping their cat happy is essential to ensure the creature does not attack you whilst sleeping. After getting a dog the cat has been less than happy and the main reason for this is the dog likes cat food more than dog food. Dogs shouldn’t eat cat food and the cat refuses to eat he dogs food.

To resolve the issue I needed to get the cats food to a place where kitty could eat it and the dog couldn’t get at it. So in the utility room I constructed this for the cat.

Since the implementation of the new feeding area life has been much better for the cat and he dog. Both the cat and dog are eating their own foods now.


Backyard Composting 101

Composting is such a great way to reduce waste in landfills. It is also one of the best additional each you can give you garden.

Save Green Going Green

The Basics
The microbiological process that creates compost is the natural process through which plants and other organic wastes are broken down. Worms, insects, fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms help breakdown the waste to create compost.

The Golden Rule of Composting
Composting is a natural process. There is no need to obsess over creating a rapid, robust compost because even a failed compost heap will eventually succeed. That said, a very effectively created compost heap will proceed to finished compost much, much more quickly (and can be a strangely rewarding accomplishment).

The Requirements
For the composting process to occur, oxygen, water, some warmth, and a good ratio of carbon-based to nitrogen-based materials are necessary. Fortunately, every one of these materials is abundantly available and should be essentially free!

The Bin
Many different compost bins are available, for many different prices. In fact, many cities offer conservation incentives through compost which they…

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Mom Isn’t Always Right – Potatoes

One of the first plants in my garden that showed any promise where my potatoes. The green tall green, flowered, and even made some potato seeds, yeah that happens! These days are a different story as the very same potatoes aren’t looking the greatest right now.

My mother insisted that the potatoes were ready to be picked and we should be having something with fresh potatoes for dinner. I didn’t think she was correct, potatoes take a long time to grow and produce large fruits. The leaves are turning inward and losing color which leads me to believe it may be a nitrogen problem. I have since added some fresh worm castings and hopefully that will help my potatoes to perk up a little.


In my usual fashion I decided that the only way to quiet my mom was to get one of the potatoes and show her they are still in need of a bit of growing. I reached into the soil and found the first potato I could and puled it out.

Potato compared to typical teaspooon
Potato compared to typical teaspooon

So now I have this tiny little potato and nothing to do with it. I will think of something.

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It’s Been a While

It has been a while since my last update and for that I apologize! Like anyone else I do have some good excuses!

One the many reasons I love living in Colorado is hiking the mountain trails. There are easy trails to great places that the whole family can enjoy, and then there are others that only a fool would brave. I am that fool, if there was any questions as to whom that would be. I have always wanted to hike a trail to the top of Cheyenne mountain, the one with all the radio antennas on top of it near Pikes Peak.

Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Springs, CO

Now the 5.5 mile hike consists of a very nice trail that is about 2.25 mile long putting you within a half mile of the top of the mountain. The remaining .5 miles to the top are essentially straight up, it took nearly an hour to cover the half mile stretch. There is only a limited amount of area that is considered National Forest on top of the mountain and it is a really bad idea to wander out of the National Forest lands in this area, for several reasons. Once you make it to the top of the mountain the trail opens up into this really nice open field surrounded by an aspen grove.

The Cheyenne Mountain fields
The Cheyenne Mountain fields 38.744537, -104.871269

Here is the location of where the image was taken on google maps’40.3%22N+104%C2%B052’16.6%22W/@38.7431062,-104.8703954,15.51z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

Once I made it to the top I started my descent down the mountain relying very heavily on my walking pole to help me from cascading down the mountain as if I were a boulder. I somehow managed to make it down the mountain without any significant harm to myself, or so I had thought.

The next morning I woke to sharp and terrible pains in my right wrist, nothing to worry about just sore from all the activity. I decided to take it easy and then went to work the following day. Because my job requires the extensive use of both my hands all day, my wrist kept becoming more and more painful by the end of the day I couldn’t even move my fingers with being in excruciating pain.

It is at this point I decided it might be a good idea to seek out some medical care, and I went to the emergency care place down the street and they advised me that I am suffering from extreme tendinitis, tossed me a wrist brace, some pain pills, some ranger candy, a verbal agreement I would take it easy, and then I was on my way.

So a week later I am starting to feel better and had gotten real tired of being a lefty, it just wasn’t working for me, and I was back at it. A friend had asked me to build him something special and I granted his request, creating a PVC air powered bait cannon! I am working on the tutorial and will be posting that soon.

PVC Air Cannon AKA BaitLauncher

So another week passes and I am feeling much better but still wearing the wrist brace. And as if my life doesn’t change enough we have been looking to add a dog to our family for some time and have talked about it a lot and it was decided that we would find a good rescue dog and give it a good and loving forever home. So we happened across an adoption event and found that dog, the one that seemed would be a perfect fit for our family. Filled out the paperwork, paid the fees, got a collar and a leash and we were on our way, or so I thought. We walked the dog to the back of the car and asked the dog nicely to get in. It was at this point it was realized that the new collar on the dog was not nearly tight enough and the dog tore out of it and took off running.

Wearing flip flops as my choice of footwear for the day really prohibited me from running after the dog so yeah those had to go. There I was with no shoes running barefoot down the side of a road chasing a dog though ditches, trees, shrubs, cactus, and even thistle. I wiped out at one point hurting my left foot but I kept going and eventually that dog just laid down tired and I was able to save the day.

A cute, calm, and very friendly dog just past puppy-hood was my reward but I am not sure if it is worth it yet or not. I ended up spraining my foot really bad and had to go to the emergency room again, this time they asked me if everything was OK at home, gave me some meds, told me to chill out, and I should be better in 8 to 10 weeks. So that brings me to today about 3 weeks later and my foot is still in a lot of pain and I am not really taking it easy.

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