Morgenhaan Measuring Cups & Spoons

Over the past year I have put a lot of effort into living a more healthy lifestyle. Part of that new healthy lifestyle means cooking more, which is actually something I enjoy. I have found that not just having the right tools is enough, having good ones is even better. And that also includes measuring cups and spoons.

The latest cheap plastic set we had purchased had a measuring cup that was labeled 1/2 teaspoon! It replaced the last cheap set in which all the painted measurements on the cups had rubbed off and they were no longer usable. And the measuring spoons also befell the same fate.

It was decided that we weren’t going to buy another cheap set of measuring spoons and cups. I set out on Amazon and found this set of Morgenhaan measuring cups and spoons. This is by far the best set I have ever owned they look good, feel good, have accurate markings, and the markings are indented into the metal which means they will not wear off in the dishwasher.


I was visiting a friend over the summer is very big into cooking and I was telling them about these measuring cups and spoons, they simply smiled and showed me their set. It was at that moment I knew these were the cups for me!

Great Way to Buy Garden Seeds

This year instead of buying individual packets of all the vegetables I wanted to grow I opted to purchase a Survival Garden seed kit. Given that I like to grow a lot of different vegetables Survival Garden kit was perfect. So far I have had nothing but success and saved some serious amounts of money doing so.

The kit was around $16 each while individual packs of seeds ranges from $2 to $4 each.

The above image is a Turnip recently liberated from my garden, his life was short lived however, eventually finding himself as a casserole dish!





Raspberry Pi – A Versatile IoT Device

I have found myself really enjoying the Raspberry Pi and just a few of its versatile uses. If you are interested in DIY, Home automation, Robotics, or jut having a cheap computer to learn Linux on get a Raspberry Pi! For example I set up a Kodi Media Center, Retro Pi gaming system, and currently working on a gardening system for ensuring optimal growing conditions for my herbs and spices. So far I only have four Raspberry Pi’s but will certainly get more.

It is very handy to buy the Canakit Raspberry Pi bundles they seem to be a pretty good deal and include everything needed to start using your Raspberry Pi the day it is delivered. This is the Raspberry Pi Canakit I recommend.


Making the Cat Happy

Those that own cats should know that keeping their cat happy is essential to ensure the creature does not attack you whilst sleeping. After getting a dog the cat has been less than happy and the main reason for this is the dog likes cat food more than dog food. Dogs shouldn’t eat cat food and the cat refuses to eat he dogs food.

To resolve the issue I needed to get the cats food to a place where kitty could eat it and the dog couldn’t get at it. So in the utility room I constructed this for the cat.

Since the implementation of the new feeding area life has been much better for the cat and he dog. Both the cat and dog are eating their own foods now.


Backyard Composting 101

Composting is such a great way to reduce waste in landfills. It is also one of the best additional each you can give you garden.

Save Green Going Green

The Basics
The microbiological process that creates compost is the natural process through which plants and other organic wastes are broken down. Worms, insects, fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms help breakdown the waste to create compost.

The Golden Rule of Composting
Composting is a natural process. There is no need to obsess over creating a rapid, robust compost because even a failed compost heap will eventually succeed. That said, a very effectively created compost heap will proceed to finished compost much, much more quickly (and can be a strangely rewarding accomplishment).

The Requirements
For the composting process to occur, oxygen, water, some warmth, and a good ratio of carbon-based to nitrogen-based materials are necessary. Fortunately, every one of these materials is abundantly available and should be essentially free!

The Bin
Many different compost bins are available, for many different prices. In fact, many cities offer conservation incentives through compost which they…

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