Aquaponics V2.0

I had so much fun with my first aquaponics experiment, Adventures in Aquaponics, so a new system was created. The original setup was very simple, and t worked, but I like to make complicated devices and a new aquaponics system was just what was needed to scratch that itch.

I started off with a storage shelf that would be used to hold the three tiers of the system. The top shelf holds the two smaller plastic containers, the middle holds the fish, and the bottom shelf holds the drain and pump tanks.

For the plant beds a bell siphon was used to create an ebb and flow system. Hydroton was added as a medium for the plants, I am not sure that this is what I want to use however as it floats and the smaller pieces are already infiltrating my aquaponics system. Each bed is powered by its own 400 GPH pump.

20150419_134651 20150419_134717

The fish tank is powered by a single 120 GPH pump that keeps water going into the fish tank, it has a fall and helps to aerate the water. I used the water heater, rocks, air pump, fish, and  some of the water from the original system. 10 more fish were purchased at the pet store. As the system gets started some of these fish will die, sorry its going to happen already been there, however the aquaponics system will start up much faster than other cycling methods.


Finally the drain tank and pump tanks on the bottom. Both the plant beds and fish tank drain into the drain tank. The drain tank is connected to the pump tank by a 2 inch pipe near the top of both tanks. I created a homemade filter that screws into the 2 inch inlet in the pump tank to help prevent larger solids from entering the pump tank.

Pump Tank
Pump Tank
Drain Tank
Drain Tank




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